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“ Women who sync their training to their cycle saw a 32% increase in strength ”


Research by the legendary Dr Stacey Sims


Follicular phase:

Your body is primed to absorb stress, recovers faster and is better able to access stored carbohydrates. During this phase we can often target harder developmental workouts. 

Luteal phase:

Blood sugar levels, breathing rate and thermoregulation are all impacted in a negative way. Rate of perceived exertion may also be higher. During this phase lower intensity sessions with plenty of recovery are usually optimal.  

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On oral contraceptives it’s equally as important to track your energy levels and how they fluctuate around the pill’s artificial cycle. This can really differ from person to person, so we help identify your unique pattern and optimise training accordingly to achieve peak performance.  


Optimising nutrition around your hormone patterns is also essential. We ensure you are taking onboard plenty of additional protein during your luteal phase when hormones are high and your ability to grow and repair muscle is impacted. 

We use Wild AI Tracking software.


Wild AI is a performance focused tracking app that allows us to clearly understand and analyse our athletes’ training readiness throughout their individual cycles. 

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